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On November 3rd, 1957 Laika became the first living being to leave the Earth’s orbit in the Russian satellite Sputnik. Although her time in space was short lived and she died 9 days intoher mission, she has inspired humanity to reach the farthest parts of the universe.

Her bravery and loyalty as inspired us to create the most comfortable and functional dog collars for dogs like her.

Laikapaw is a dog accessory brand that provides you with the finest dog collars and leashes for your beloved pet. Our designers and manufacturers take the comfort, style, and adaptability of your dog into consideration to craft the most perfect combination of practical and premium quality collars, leashes, and accessories for your pet.

Want more? At Laikapaw, we also have gift bundles with a collar and leash set for every size and color. Certainly, you don’t want the type of collar that would inconvenient your dog around the neck or a leash that would make your dog difficult to control. The lightweight leather used in manufacturing the finest dog collars and leashes makes the set a perfect option for your dog, whether big or small.

All our products are crafted by hand and are of modern design to beautify your dog the more. The thick leather is adjustable, soft, and comfortable on every dog. We have tested these products on our dogs and we’ve seen how good it looks on them. We have also tested them for comfortability, through which we’ve discovered that these products are 100% safe for your dogs.
Our Goal
We know you love your dog and you want the best for your groomed and benevolent pet, which is why we say there’s no better place to shop your dog accessories than Laikapaw. With years in the business of providing quality, long-lasting, and satisfactory dog products, we’ve been able to help our customers bond better with their loving animals.

We want to ensure that every dog feels loved everywhere in the world. And to further prove our love towards these creatures, that is why we donate a portion of the proceeds from every product to an animal rescue charity. So far, we’ve made remarkable progress in providing funds used in the rescue of a lot of animals. There’s more than one animal out there that will benefit from every purchase you make

Why Shop for Your Dog at Laikapaw?
As dog lovers who are passionate about the animals just like you are, we always put into consideration what we believe would help make a perfect accessory for every dog. We believe you should shop for luxury dog collars at Laikapaw because of these unique features of all our products:
  • Both the collars and leashes are lightweight
  • These quality leather pet products are built with the well-being of your dog, aesthetics, and reasonable prices in mind.
  • Though available in up to four different sizes, each collar can be adjusted
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Handcrafted with the finest quality of 100% genuine leather
  • Ensures comfort with its durable, but soft leather
  • Soft padded from inside to give maximum comfort
  • Easy to access strong center D-ring for ease of leashing
  • Professionally saddle-stitched with premium quality braided wax thread
  • Ideal for large and small size dogs
  • Small D ring for tag and ID


Every purchase goes a long way in helping more animals in need

Help rescue more animals by simply making a purchase today! As dog lovers ourselves, we try as much as possible to help more animals because we believe they deserve all the love and care we can give. They’ve been humanity’s best companion for a long time, and it is only right that we protect and keep them happy.

That said, we would like you to know that a portion of the proceeds from each product sold will be donated to a deserving animal rescue charity. At Laikapaw, we know what these animals are going through out there. The donation goes a long way in providing shelter and other needed supplies. This is part of our commitment to the well-being and safety of these loving creatures.

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