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Measuring Your Dog For Scarf Size

Size guide for dog collars


As we all know, all dogs are different and vary in their size. Here is a general guideline to measure your dog appropriately for a dog scarf.

For a proper fit, it is recommended to measure your dog’s head with a soft tape measure.

laikapaw dog scarf size guide

  • Take a measurement a few inches from his head and then add an inch for very small dogs or two inches for medium and large dogs.
  • Pull the tape snug but not tight. (If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string with a rigid ruler.)
  • Allow sufficient room to slip two fingers between the scarf and the dog’s neck. Or you can measure his neck and add two inches.
  • When the scarf is on his neck it should allow you to easily slide two fingers under a properly fitting scarf and your dog’s neck. If there’s extra room, you need a smaller size. If both fingers don’t fit, the scarf is too small.


A scarf shouldn’t be tight around your dog’s neck and therefore it will not be the exact measurement of your dog’s neck. For safety reasons – so it doesn’t snag on something, it shouldn’t be too loose either. A snug fit is what you are aiming for and not a tight one or one that chokes. Always observe your best friend while he or she is on their leash with a collar, so they don’t get caught on a fence or other environmental object that would cause the pet choking.

Note: If you’re using a collar on your dog, be sure that the scarf fits OVER the collar. This will help avoid discomfort for the dog as well as prevent the scarf from getting stuck in the collar.

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